Welcome to the Wapsi

                  Welcome To The Wapsi...


  Welcome to Wapsipinicon Waterfowl, located near the banks of the beautiful and historic Wapsipinicon River smack dab in America's Heartland, Independence, IA. It has been my goal and shall continue to be my objective to breed top show quality, yet highly reproductive birds. The foundation has diligently been laid, for what I believe is one of the finest group of Breeding Call Duck Flocks you will find anywhere in the U.S. Many hours have been spent amassing a group of birds chosen for type, color and something I can't stress enough, reproductive traits!

The Farm is near Northeast Iowa's thriving Amish Community.  Each spring, summer, and fall, the farm is host to hundreds of tourists and organizations touring the gardens as well as the Call Duck Breeding Pens.  As a famous Iowan once said “If you build it they will come.”  That “building process” is a work in progress and shall continue to be for years to come.

2011 White Pullets

'So it is with a great deal of pride and excitement that I take you on this visual tour of "The Wapsi." You will see pictures of the birds as they look here at the farm in their natural environments and also a bit of insight into the breeding lines being incorporated into the genetic pools.


2010 National Champion Call Duck                2009 National Champion Call Duck





Dennis Fuller



Home to the Heartland's Premier Breeding Flock of Call Ducks!